May 14, 2013

Warm Pot of Positive

I’m the wife who watches the clock all day waiting for 6pm to roll around so my
husband can close up and come home. I thought this puppy love might wear off a
few years into our relationship, but it hasn’t and I pray it never will! I feel
like nothing is as good as it can be when my husband is by my side. He’s like a
fortress! He’s so sturdy, I feel as though I could just strap myself to him or
hide behind him when the going gets tough. Needless to say, I enjoy
sharing my life with him. So, just about every day as I watch him pull in the
driveway, I do a little mental happy dance, and then quickly try to act casual
as he makes his entrance. (I really do!)

Then of course, I fill him in on everything he’s missed out on while he was
away. It could be a mouthful of garbage (usually dumped on me through a phone
conversation with a family member), the kids’ behavior or a detailed description
of the day’s activities, good and bad. If there’s something bothering me, he
knows about it within 10 minutes of him getting home.  He’s usually
simultaneously being bombarded by 3 children saying, “DADDY, DADDY, DADDY,”
repetitively until he answers each one. (Whoa, even as I write this my heart
goes out to him as he braces himself for his coming home every day! It’s a
family man’s life.)

I was surprised one day when I learned about a recent stressful situation he’d
dealt with at work.  After hearing about it, I thought back to his daily arrival
over the last few months, wondering what day it was that he had come home with
this heavy load, showing no trace of it. This situation sparked the realization
that rarely does he ever enter our home with his own set of complaints or
summary of his work day.

I’ve since then made it my goal to greet my husband with a smile and a positive
comment, if any, and I knew the Word would help me on my walk. Philippians 4:8
came to mind when I began to look for a scripture to stand on.

Philippians 4:8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is 
noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is 
admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.

We all have negative things going on around us. This scripture isn’t denying the
fact that things happen. Disagreements happen.  Daughters fight over toys.
Things get lost. Babies get into things that daughters leave accessible OVER and
OVER. Ugh… It happens. This scripture is instructing us to cast down any thought
that is not praiseworthy. Any thought that isn’t right, or pure or lovely, and
to think about the things that ARE. How excellent is it that my children have
toys (to fight over)?  I personally find it lovely that my son has the ability
to get himself from the living play area to the restroom door  so quickly (150x
a day)! Praise God, he’s a healthy little boy!

I believe that if we would keep this Word in our mouths, minds and hearts, use
it to sift through our thoughts, and forget those negative thoughts that try to
come in and take over our good day, that we would see a change in our
relationships and in our quality of life. I’m striving to find the good in
everything so that when 6:30 comes around, I’ll be ready and waiting to serve my
husband with a warm pot of positive.. and maybe some dinner too!

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