June 9, 2017

Introduction to Sex Education

We see it everywhere. It’s the eye catcher on the cover of our favorite magazines, just the hook we need to get our attention in commercials and it fills our television shows and radio stations. It’s our culture.

I’m talking about sex.

My oldest daughter is nearing 12 years old. This year, her 5th grade health class taught a portion on sex education. Myah and I have already sat down and covered most of everything she needed to know. When I initially asked about the content of the class, her very sweet and well meaning teacher summarized it for me, leaving out a few key points, and then directed me to the office to check out the file if I wanted to look through the entire curriculum. I did just that. The secretary said I was the only one in 20+ years to request the file to take home and view. The only parent in 20+ years! I screened the curriculum and then I asked Myah if she wanted to participate. It’s an important topic, and one that I feel is the duty of the parent, first, which is why I had already filled her in about a year ago. There was nothing in the curriculum that she didn’t already know. There was nothing to hide. She declined. She felt it was personal and she didn’t want to be there while her friends laughed and mocked about it and paraded the idea of sex and genitals around. I applauded her for that. I didn’t feel comfortable forcing her to discuss a personal matter like that, so I let her skip it. We were also the only family in that 20+ years not to participate. Myah spent the next several weeks separated from her friends. While they learned about the birds and the bees, she read in the library or played games. I don’t think the school is doing anything wrong by teaching the class at all. The content of the curriculum is completely correct. It’s just unfortunate that many parents don’t take the time or don’t feel comfortable to sit down with their own children. Sex is an important topic-but not just for functionality and protection.

SEX IS GREAT, ladies and gentlemen. It’s not bad or evil. It was God’s idea. It’s magical.

It affects every area of our lives. Our sex lives have everything to do with our day to day relationship with our spouses. If we would take the time to study God’s word about sex in marriage, it could change our lives. It could change your marriage! It is my commitment to spend the next few weeks diving into this topic with you. I don’t have it all together yet, but so many people have reached out to me and asked me to discuss it and I keep holding off, so I’m just going to take NIKE's advice and just do it. I’ll get some scripture together, and we’ll work this out.

I hate to leave this post without some bit of wisdom, so I’ll end with this. I don’t really enjoy the word sex. I like to think of what happens in our bedroom as love. Sounds corny, right? But it is. Just like when the rainbow was shown to remind us of a promise, sex was created to remind us of a covenant. When you lay with your spouse, have fun, but remember the covenant you made with him/her. You are one flesh for the rest of your lives. This act is a representation of that covenant. This is what they don’t teach you in sex-ed. It’s personal. It’s Holy.

And, well, it’s great. Shh. Don’t tell anybody.

Mark 10:8 And the two shall become one flesh; so they are no longer two, but one flesh.

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